- When -

16th October, 2017

- Where -

Sydney Town Hall, Sydney

- Who -

Our guest lecturers this year are the award winning Venezuelan satirist El Chigüire Bipolar, you can read more about them below. The lecture will of course also feature all your favorite Chasers, and the other two.

- Why -

Why a lecture? Why so expensive? Why bother? Simple, the answer for all of the above, is for charity of course! All funds raised will support the amazing work of our partner organisations.

- How do I buy tickets? -

Tickets will go on sale soon, check back in a week or two.


- About El Chigüire Bipolar -

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- The 2016 Lecture -

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Introduction to the introduction

The Norton-Lodge Foundation

The Arab Spring

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Introductory Speeches

Bassem Youssef



Our past Lecturers

  • 1999


    The Very Fast Monorail – A one track wonder.

    Few of us will forget the night The Hon. Bob Carr unveiled a vision (and a really nice balsa wood model) to take Australia’s public transport gliding into the next millennium. The plan - so bold that few actually believed it - would see the construction of the ‘missing link’, connecting the monorail in Sea World on the Gold Coast, to the monorail network in Sydney’s Darling Harbour.

  • 2000


    Stamping Out Cronyism

    Labor powerbroker Graham Richardson delivered a co-branded address better known as His Supreme Excellency Juan Antonio Samaranch Lecture on Cronyism to a hand-picked audience, winning a legion of new fans from a collection of his old ones. In the spirit of inclusiveness, all attendees were awarded a gold medal for applauding on cue.

  • 2002


    See...I told you I was sick

    Delivered in absentia for legal reasons, Australia’s greatest entrepreneur spoke through an inoperative oxygen mask on the theme of trusting people when they tell you they are not feeling very well.

  • 2003


    The Future is Flight Now

    Sydney’s public transport soars into the new millennium. The hon. Bob Carr unveiled a visionary plan for a vast dirigible-based metro system that would see airships flying between The Central Coast in the north to Campbeltown in the south. Two months after the lecture, a test dirigible - the Eddie Obeid - crashed while surveying for coal leases in the Bylong Valley. Oh the humanity! The project was subsequently deflated.

  • 2004

    Mark Latham

    Why I Would Never Stoop to Giving The Chaser Lecture

    Notable for its memorable parting remark “These guys are f**king idiots” Latham’s fiery oration was described as “classic” by several psychiatrists.

  • 2005


    Schapelle is Nelson Mandela

    After a rousing speech to launch what became the top selling protest single of the year, Je m’appelle Schapelle, Mercedes spoke at length about what really inspired her. The talk ranged from bodyboarding basics to compost recipes that’ll have plants seriously budding come springtime.

  • 2009



    We were all so busy looking at our brand new iPhones to recall what the lecture was about or for that matter, who gave it.

  • 2011


    No Chaser Lecture held as a mark of respect for Chas Liccairdello, who died while holidaying in Abbottabad where he was mistaken for an infamous terrorist of global renown.

  • 2012

    Barack Obama

    Quantitative Easing for Dummies - putting the crunch back into credit. We were honoured to have the US President give the speech this year. It concluded with a shower of greenbacks from the rafters.

  • 2013

    Germain Greer

    With Barry Humphries playing Germain Greer doing an impersonation of Clive James

  • 2014

    Tony Abbott

    Sink or Swim

    Tony Abbott famously revealed his plan to build an unbroken wall of inflatable jumping castles strung together and moored in the middle of the Mediterranean. Stretching from the Bosporus to the Strait of Gibraltar, not only would this audacious plan stem the tide of human flotsam threatening European purity, it would also provide free entertainment for the refugee kiddies.

  • 2015


    The Jon Stewart of the Arab World

    In a break from tradition, in 2015 the Chaser Lecture hosted a highly respected and entertaining media personality.

  • 2015


    Indonesia's first Muslim female standup comic

    Sakdiyah Ma’ruf is a stand-up comedian from Indonesia whose comic routine advocates for individual rights and challenges Islamic fundamentalism.

  • 2017:
    El Chigüire

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