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“People can’t expect to mouth off and then keep their job!” says man who defended Israel Folau
"That's not how it works
Mask salesman unveils new super yacht
"It's been a good year"
Christmas diet in free fall after mum whips out the box of Favourites
"Well just twelve couldn't hurt."
Scott Morrison disappointed to discover solar panels in stocking
"I wanted coal!"
Scott Morrison excitedly awaiting coal in his stocking this Christmas
"I've been extra naughty this year!"
Boris Johnson hires Sydney Light Rail contractors to speed up Brexit deal
"It'll be done by Christmas!"
Waterbombing aircraft loads up on fresh tank of bibles to fight fires
"Sending thoughts and prayers"
Tragedy of truck crash lightened by hilarious cargo
"Police say they are concerned and amused."
Struggling Barnaby Joyce forced to scan truffles as onions at self serve check out
"I’m just doing what I need to survive!"
Israel Folau messages high school friend dodgy MLM pitch
"Hi Linda, been a long time hasn't it! Just thought I'd share with you the secret I just discovered to making over $1000 a month!"
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