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Morrison supports electric cars after learning they can be programmed to run over Labor voters
Putting the "laughter" into vehicular manslaughter
Gladys resigns to spend more time with paper shredder
As a lifelong fan of destroying trees, Gladys is excited to spend more time doing what she loves.
New land speed record reached by Prime Minister running away from responsibility
Morrison will officially be competing in the 2032 Brisbane Olympics
“Temporary” school classroom celebrates 20 years since construction
The walls may be temporary, but the memories last forever.
Filling out census the most thrilling thing locked-down Sydneysider has done in a month
"Still better than watching The Voice"
IPCC declares entire planet a hotspot
Things are hotting up!
Sky News moves to PornHub after learning they don’t censor videos of massive dicks
So wrong it's (alt) right
Barnaby to save thousands on adult phone-lines after Telstra make pay phones free
"No more using 1800 REVERSE!"
Barnaby Joyce blames ocean-fire on lack of ocean-back-burning
You can't fight fire with fire
Scott Morrison embarks on mission to the Sun after learning it’s made of gas
"In space nobody can hear you shit yourself."
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