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Scott Morrison blames Labor for Scott Morrison
“Vote 1 Bulldozer!”
PM avoids forgetting policy details by cleverly having no policies
Here's my zero point plan for the
Independents will cause instability warns government who’s had three different leaders
"We've only replaced the cabinet 5 times"
“Social media sites shouldn’t moderate posts” says pig fondler Elon Musk
"Oh boy I love fondling pigs"
Government with extensive history of corruption surprisingly not keen on corruption watchdog
"Please don't read anything into this"
Public disgusted opposition leader whose name they can’t remember doesn’t remember the unemployment rate
How could what's his face do this!
Labor vote skyrockets after winning over ‘disgruntled Liberal MP’ demographic
It's basically the whole party at this point
PM demands to know why Albanese hasn’t addressed toxic culture in the Liberal Party
"It's just unacceptable"
Scott Morrison selflessly agrees to isolate on remote Hawaiian beach
"I'll do it for the country"
“At least things can’t get any worse” says naive man unaware of imminent zombie apocalypse
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