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Liberal Party announce new candidate Bladys Gerejiklian to run in seat of Warringah
The previously unknown up and comer has been chosen as Liberal candidate for Warringah
New ‘White Wiggle’ introduced to help Matt Canavan feel represented
The Senator had boycotted the show
Gladys stresses NSW has entered a ‘critical phase’ of dodging responsibility
Anyone could catch the blame
Brad Hazzard announces plan for Colosseum in which under 25s will fight for Pfizer
"It's just like the Hunger Games"
Engadine Maccas adds Scott Morrison to missing persons board
"Maybe he was startled by a deer?"
Peter Dutton sues The Body Shop for false advertising
"You have failed me for the last time"
Scott Morrison promises to cut inner city lefties in half by 2030
Emissions problem solved
Sky News successfully debunks evolution by turning audience into Neanderthals
Checkmate science
Australia in trouble after learning they can only send vaccinated athletes to Olympics
Volleyball sales have plummeted
Australia exits Afghanistan after liberating country from brutal Australian forces
The children of Afghanistan have today breathed a sigh of relief, as Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced the withdrawal of Australian troops from the country
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