How to Make Your First Billion Writing Satirical Comedy

At last, a masterclass for people who want to be incredibly rich. 

Comedy writing is a dreary affair of unimaginable pain and suffering. But it’s a good way to get incredibly rich quickly. Sure, writing a novel or a play or a blockbuster movie might be more psychologically satisfying, but only comedy writing can buy you a ticket off this god-forsaken planet once we’ve well and truly trashed the place.

If you’ve tried investment banking or stock trading and are dissatisfied with your seven-figure salary, perhaps you should quit your career and instead concentrate on the big bucks of writing comedy for a living.

The Chaser’s co-founder and managing editor Charles Firth takes you through the “13 filters of Comedy” that its writers use to deliver zinger after zinger, day in, day out. 

Then you’ll break into small groups to try it out for yourself.

The masterclass concludes with a look at the iron laws of comedy, and look at how obeying those rules can sharpen even the dullest piece of writing.

This course gives you all the tips and tricks that you need to quit your day job. Includes a look at the technical side of comedy, as well as tips on what to do with the mountains of cash that you’ll have to wade through each morning.




What to expect

Three hour workshop, including a half-hour breakout session and one 15 minute break

Three segments:

  1. The 13 filters of comedy
  2. The Iron Laws of Comedy
  3. How to invest your first billion

There will be small group discussion during each segment, and a Q&A will happen at the end of each segment.

If we have time at the end, we will have a plenary discussion on the topic: “What are the ethics of using sweat-shop workers to write your comedy?”

Who is it for

This suits anyone who is poor because they made the wrong career choices. Whether you’re just starting out, or entering the twilight of your miserable life, this takes a technical look at what makes things funny — and is suitable whether you’re just curious about comedy or want it to be your career.

What to bring

  • A pen and paper




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