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Kylie Minogue cut from Neighbours finale after role gifted to John Barilaro

Producers of long running TV series ‘Neighbours’ have today been forced to deny allegations of corruption, after a star appearance in the shows finale was reportedly given to John Barilaro, over a list of more qualified candidates.

“There’s something deeply suspicious about this,” said one media commentator moments before being fired and replaced with John Barilaro. “Wouldn’t it make more sense to cast Kylie Minogue as Kylie Minogue’s character, rather than Barilaro in a red wig?”

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However the creators of the TV series have insisted the appointment was completely above board, having gone through a rigorous approval process before that process was scrapped and John was given the role. “The fact is that John was the most qualified candidate for the job,” explained one heavily sweating casting agent. “I think we all want to see the return of Australia’s most famous bribe on our screens.”

“Wait sorry, I meant bride. But I guess both work.”

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