Art gallery unable to confirm if Jackson Pollock artwork vandalised

The National Gallery of Victoria has today frantically searched their modern art wing for the alleged second victim of a soup throwing. “Oh god it could be any of these,” said one cleaner scratching his head. “This is even worse than the time someone moved the Duchamp next to the bathrooms.”

“Yea look we probably should have thought twice before gluing ourself to modern art,” sighed one of the protestors. “Nobody’s visited this section of the gallery in hours, and when security came by they just assumed we were some kind of exhibit.”

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Asked what they will be doing when they finally find the vandalised art piece, the gallery owners explained they will most likely praise the soup throwers as geniuses. “Just look at the subtle waves where the soup splashed across the canvas, clearly we are in the presence of a master,” said one expert surveying the damage. “The unbridled anger as they throw the soup is clearly a metaphor for how society is a construct that forces us to accept mass manufactured food in cans at the expense of our desire for authenticity. I’ll give you twelve million for it.”

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