Empathy consultant suffers aneurysm after PM says Grace Tame didn’t smile because of her “terrible life”

Scott Morrison’s empathy consultant has today been rushed to hospital, after learning the PM claimed Grace Tame didn’t smile at him because she has “had a terrible life”.

“How the fuck is that what you took away from our lessons?” he was heard screaming on the phone minutes later. “Jesus fucking fuck you fucking idiot this stuff is not that hard. NO POINTING OUT YOU DIDN’T SHOOT HER WILL NOT HELP SCOTT.”

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“What do you mean Jenny didn’t tell you not to say that Scott?” he continued. “Jesus Christ would you kill a person if Jenny didn’t say not to? NO DO NOT KILL A PERSON SCOTT.”

“Also, why the fuck would you brag that you and Jenny smile when people come over!? Smiling when Grace Tame comes over makes sense, people actually like her. She is awesome, she hasn’t spent a year showing no empathy to abuse victims.”

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