Following Barilaro scandal, Sky News calls on Dan Andrews to resign

After unshocking revelations that the deputy leader of the NSW liberals was involved in the dodgy Barilaro saga, politically neutral broadcaster Andrew Bolt has raised the question of whether this will be the last straw for the embattled Victorian Premier Dan Andrews.

“Why has he not put a stop to this corruption running rampant in NSW?” raged Bolt this afternoon. “How he didn’t get voted out in the federal election is beyond me.”

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My Ayres has graciously resigned his ministerial position following corruption concerns and will step away into a 170K private MP role and remain on paid leave as a lengthy investigation is conducted. Dan Andrews’ assistant, Dominic Perrottet delivered the news this morning.

“We are hopeful that we can continue to pay Mr Ayres at least triple the countries median income for as long as possible.”

Andrews has been facing calls to step down due to his refusal to take responsibility for corruption in states other than Victoria, a move described by Sky News as “out of step for the politics we want in this country”

Mr Ayres has released a statement saying while he is sad to be standing down, he is very much looking forward to his new job as a trade commissioner in New York.

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