Local man horrified to learn his mullet is now fashionable

Local man Timmo Jones has been left mortified this afternoon after being informed that his mullet is now considered highly fashionable in the inner suburbs of Melbourne.

The hairstyle, donned ironically by Tim as a way of showing off what a wild and unconventional larakin he is, has reportedly also been adopted by half the country for the same reasons, in news that has devastated the traditional owners of the hairstyle, the nation’s AFL players.

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“It’s not easy to maintain, you know. Semi-regular barber trips, shampoo, fluffing, drying, perms. A lot of work goes into not looking like I don’t put any effort in to my appearance.” explained Tim. “Now these fashion types are going to make it look like I’m a try hard. Guess I’m just going to have to go back to spending $700 on Oakley speed dealers. That should convince everyone I don’t care about how I look.”

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