Local student purchases 50th reusable bag to take shopping home

Local student Sarah Paddington has reached a special milestone this afternoon after buying her 50th reusable shopping bag in 50 days, after forgetting the other 49.

This major moment for any adult came as Sarah decided to ‘treat herself’ to a brand new reusable travel mug after getting bored of her other 4.

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“I can’t believe this day finally arrived,” said Sarah, “I knew this trip would be big but not this big. I couldn’t have done it without my parents who were there when I bought my first 5 and my roommates who keep asking me to buy stuff on the way home even though I don’t have my bags with me.”

The bag is reportedly going to be proudly sitting with her other bags either in the kitchen in a place she forgets exists until she puts a bag there, in the car where she will find them only after buying more or in the bin.

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