Thoughtful shopping centre offers empty hand sanitiser bottle for everyone to touch

A local shopping centre has today been hailed by the community for doing their part to stop the spread of Covid, after the business put out a single bottle of hand sanitiser six months ago and then called it a day.

“Covid has been eliminated from our store,” explained the supermarket today. “Sure our baskets are clearly no longer being cleaned, and none of our customers are bothering to wear facemasks anymore, but rest assured there is an empty bottle of hand sanitiser which you can all collectively touch on your way into the store.”

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“Problem solved.”

However, some customers have suggested the shopping centre could be doing more to stop the spread of the most deadly virus in modern times, which has completely destroyed supply lines, left shelves empty, and pushed prices through the roof. “Maybe if this billion dollar corporation forked out $5 a month on a new bottle of sanitiser we might be able to get back to normal sooner,” suggested one customer. “But what would I know. I’m just an infectious disease specialist.”

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