Local Wiggles fan misses Hottest 100 win due to new job driving forklifts
He was so sad he needed a his bottle to calm down
Tragedy on construction site after some idiot let a child drive a forklift
"Who would ever put a child on a forklift?"
Morrison to restaff under-resourced hospitals with crack team of 12 year olds
Supply issues solved
Morrison hopes states will allow children to drive forklifts
A sensible plan
Christian Porter celebrates another stunning victory after being ordered to pay $420,000 in court fees
Channel 7 has described it as a stunning backdown by Jo Dyer
Government’s hardline stance against anti-vaxxers sees Christensen forced to continue doing what he likes
That'll show him
“Anti-vax tennis players are a danger to society” says government full of anti-vaxxers
"These tennis players have big influence"
Dominic Perrottet tells coastal NSW to learn to live with Tsunamis
'No-one could have predicted global warming'
‘Nothing is free’ says man who just paid $6 billion to not buy any submarines
Except that
Compromise reached: Australian Open to be held inside a Hillsong Church
The virus will never find us there

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