Bank unable to see how guy paying $1200 a month in rent could afford $1200 a month mortgage
"Where is the money going to come from?"
Scott Morrison spotted at Ikea asking for advice on how to keep Cabinet from falling apart
"I don't know maybe there is just a few screws loose or something"
New preselected Libs asked to resign in disgrace in advance to save time
"It's just easier this way"
Greg Hunt retires from politics to catch up on missed emails from pharmaceutical companies
He has responded to each of Craig Kelly's texts though
“Albo has a glass jaw” says federal minister who sued a guy over a mean tweet
"Learn to take a joke!"
“Thank you Brittany Higgins for coming forward” says party that called her a ‘lying cow’
'Some people have shown her no respect'
PM finally given some responsibility in National Cabinet by taking over the coffee run
He couldn't possibly stuff that up
New documentary reveals how Yoko broke up the Beatles by politely sitting in the corner while the band argued
That monster
Entire Liberal Party mysteriously announces retirement ahead of ICAC vote
It's time
Government that calls unemployed people ‘lazy’ plans just 10 days of work before August
"The lazy good-for-nothings want taxpayer money"

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