NSW teachers open gun club in Wagga in attempt to secure more funding from politicians

Gladys Berejiklian corrupt enough for Federal Liberal Party

‘Channel 9 was mean to me’ cries PM who locked up children on an island prison

Liberal Party announce new candidate Bladys Gerejiklian to run in seat of Warringah

Chris Pratt joins the cast of Spiderverse 2 as Miles Morales

Scott Morrison explains to driver that Bathurst is not a race

Bank unable to see how guy paying $1200 a month in rent could afford $1200 a month mortgage

Scott Morrison spotted at Ikea asking for advice on how to keep Cabinet from falling apart

New preselected Libs asked to resign in disgrace in advance to save time

Greg Hunt retires from politics to catch up on missed emails from pharmaceutical companies

“Albo has a glass jaw” says federal minister who sued a guy over a mean tweet

“Thank you Brittany Higgins for coming forward” says party that called her a ‘lying cow’

PM finally given some responsibility in National Cabinet by taking over the coffee run

New documentary reveals how Yoko broke up the Beatles by politely sitting in the corner while the band argued

Entire Liberal Party mysteriously announces retirement ahead of ICAC vote

Government that calls unemployed people ‘lazy’ plans just 10 days of work before August

PM takes swift action on Omicron by declaring it the states’ responsibility

Social media troll maintains anonymity by donating $1 million to a minister’s blind trust

Morrison says he’d never resort to lying for political gain “like that kitten-hater Albanese”

Linda Reynolds demands end to parliamentary pension, slams it as a ‘welfare system for life’

Entire Catholic school staff sacked after turning up in clothes made of two different fabrics

Cleanskin politicians with nothing to hide block federal corruption watchdog

“We’ve no time to make an ICAC” explains govt rushing Religious Discrimination Bill through parliament

“Cancel culture must be stopped” says guy legalising firing people for their views

Massive cunt wins defamation case

Morrison pretty sure his next lie will be the one to fix everything

Gladys claims the reason she targeted poor people during lockdown was because she was ‘unlucky in love’

Dodgy fuckers admit they didn’t want Federal ICAC after all

PM whose best friend is a key Qanon figure shocks media by not completely condemning Qanon

“Since when is calling for the execution of a leader terrorism?” asks Victorian Police

“There is no need to condemn protesters demanding Andrews be murdered, they aren’t putting pins in strawberries” says PM

PM who ‘had nothing to hide’ about Brittany Higgins breaks FOI laws trying to hide stuff about Brittany Higgins

Christian Porter to resign as MP to pursue career as genius lawyer and highly-respected strategist

MPs accusing the ABC of being propaganda, demand the government be put in charge of ABC’s content

PM ends the workplace respect training in parliament after the problem is 100% solved

Fact-checker takes stress leave after Morrison claims he has never told a lie before

Morrison to invest $500m in ‘carbon thoughts and prayers’ technology

Morrison supports electric cars after learning they can be programmed to run over Labor voters

Voter who spent most of this year furious at botched vaccine rollout changes mind after journo posts pics of Morrison getting a haircut

Labor commits to faster, more modern, ‘fast train announcement’ announcements

Liberal party’s media division posts $60m loss

Freedom of Speech Warrior Barnaby Joyce demands Turnbull and Rudd be silenced

Peter van Onselen sues his lawyer for defamation

PM excited to be back home after COP26, planning to spend some ‘quality time’ with his coal

Report: When you put men in power they get too emotional and quick to send lawsuits

Alan Jones spends final show slamming ‘lazy unemployed’ people like Alan Jones

‘We must let the science decide our future’ argues only world leader pushing against suggestions from scientists

‘Guys, I am trustworthy, see look at my private texts’ says PM

Liberal Party member Tim Smith unable to vote in upcoming election as he won’t be able to produce a driver’s licence

PM’s performance at COP26 dubbed ‘the worst car crash moment the Liberal Party has seen since Saturday’

NSW Fixated Person’s Unit arrests Emmanuel Macron

Tim Smith resigns after drunken car crash, announcing plans to join the Federal Cabinet

LNP denies that voter id laws will inadvertently hurt minorities, ‘it’s not inadvertent’

Mathias Corman demands to know who is to blame for Australia not having a carbon price

‘We were only at the buying hospitals stage in the relationship’ claims Gladys

Joyce once again officially running the country after unofficially running the country for the past 2 weeks

Prince Charles excited to hear he might be getting a promotion soon

Crown Casino deemed unethical enough to be a casino

Guy who didn’t know batteries exist spends first day in Cabinet struggling to get TV remote to work

Coalition commits to net zero clarity on climate policy by 2030