Scott Morrison blames Labor for Scott Morrison

“I can change” says guy who slammed Albo for changing too much

‘We can’t afford to raise the minimum wage’ says PM who spent $80m on water that doesn’t exist

Pauline Hanson quits One Nation after being told they’re a minority party

‘Minority governments will get nothing done’ claims government that has done nothing for 3 years

“I’m not transphobic, I just don’t like trans people” explains Katherine Deves

Blokes from Lego Masters dubbed prefered PMs following last night’s Channel 9 debate

Factcheck: PM’s claim he’s ‘seen no corruption’ is true, as he burned out his retinas pretending to be a welder

The Chaser Interns Investigate The United Australia Party

PM avoids forgetting policy details by cleverly having no policies

Independents will cause instability warns government who’s had three different leaders

Guy who miscounted $60 billion reckons he has the numbers to win his seat

Scott Morrison denies texting during ANZAC service – “I was playing Angry Birds”

“Social media sites shouldn’t moderate posts” says pig fondler Elon Musk

Following backlash Morrison reveals he is also part of the disability community – “I was born without a heart”

“I will not allow critics to silence Deves’ views” rages man who had her delete all her posts two weeks ago

Scientists confirm making noises into a fan more entertaining than 90% of free-to-air TV

“You can’t trust Albo to stop the boats” claims mob that stuffed up the Ruby Princess

Party that had a full year of sexual harassment controversies claims trans athletes are a threat to women

Government with extensive history of corruption surprisingly not keen on corruption watchdog

Greens leader demonstrates commitment to media being publicly owned

Sydney house prices hit new high as inner city terrace sells for 3 iceberg lettuce

Public disgusted opposition leader whose name they can’t remember doesn’t remember the unemployment rate

PM of country where grocery prices have doubled in a year pretty sure biggest issue right now is trans people in sport

Latest polling data suggests Scott Morrison is trailing in popularity to Morbius on a two party preferred basis

Scott Morrison explains he cant call the election because Rupert still hasn’t decided which party will win yet

“Please, just one fucking good week” nation begs universe

Guy who said slavery didn’t exist asks why people think he could be racist

“What makes you think I’m racist?” asks man who got a trophy for all the immigrants he jailed

Labor vote skyrockets after winning over ‘disgruntled Liberal MP’ demographic

Crowd rushes into parliament to celebrate Morrison’s 1000th fuckup

‘I’m sick of these media elites at the ABC’ complains billionaire media mogul

Scott Morrison suggests that people who can’t afford petrol should just buy an oil company

‘Fuck, why didn’t I think to just buy a house!’ exclaims guy who can’t afford rent

‘$420 should fix the cost-of-living’ claims politician claiming $300 a day to live in Canberra

Oscars rush to re-award best drama

‘Why are people associating me with Hillsong?’ asks guy who invited Brian Houston to the White House

Peter Dutton horrified to learn Space Force will turn the universe into safe space

PM demands to know why Albanese hasn’t addressed toxic culture in the Liberal Party

Peter Dutton tells Space Force researchers to stop calling him ‘Spudnik’

Confused Peter Dutton announces space force to keep out illegal aliens

Millennial tells parent complaining about fuel prices to try cutting back on houses

Modern spy goes undercover by cutting eyeholes in his iPad

Local child excited to know it’s only 3 more disasters till Christmas

PM congratulates birth of Perrottet’s baby by giving a traditional forklift

PM promises cheaper beer before the election hoping people will drunkenly vote Liberal

Flood victim changes name to Harvey Norman in hopes of getting some government funding

‘Unlike Albo, I don’t pretend to be anyone else’ says hairdresser Scott Morrison

Guy who can’t afford a house or petrol, excited that beer will be cheaper to drown his sorrows with

Nation on 3rd straight year of disasters starting to think scientists may have a point

Scott Morrison’s “I stopped the boats” trophy revoked

Tragic news as another disaster sweeps through Queensland

Peter Dutton seen in floodwaters frantically trying to stop the boats

National disaster declares national disaster

“This is coal, don’t be afraid” gurgles Morrison

“What climate change?” asks government as flood catches on fire

Scott Morrison selflessly agrees to isolate on remote Hawaiian beach

Minimum wage worker who had to ‘live with covid’ surprised to see the PM isn’t going to work this week

“At least things can’t get any worse” says naive man unaware of imminent zombie apocalypse

Nation hit with yet another disaster after Barnaby takes over as PM