Morning podcast – Getting it on during Omicron
with Aleksa Vulovic
Christian Porter Resigns in Honour! Again!
with Lachlan Hodson and John Delmenico
Afternoon episode- Dylan Behan on the best worst moments of 2021
with Dylan Behan
Morning Episode- We Accidentally Started Steak-Gate
with John 'Q' Delmenico
Afternoon Podcast- Dan Ilic on his new satire slush fund
with Dan Ilic
Morning Episode- Give Everyone A Zorb Ball Immediately
with Zander Czerwaniw
Afternoon episode- Share House Shenanigans
with Nat Damena and Marty Smiley
Morning Episode: Omicron Will Kill Us All (Or Not)
with Charles Firth
Afternoon Episode- Wonka Behind Bars
with Big Big Big
Morning Episode- Deep Simpact
With Aleksa Vulovic

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