Aussie politician left confused and shaken after learning someone chose integrity over taking cash from a billionaire

Politicians across Australia have today tilted their heads in confusion after being informed that the Diamonds netball team will be sticking to their guns and refusing money from a billionaire “on ethical grounds”.

“Cindy can you look up this ‘ethics’ thing?” Barnaby Joyce was heard asking his secretary. “Pretty sure it’s a typo, I reckon they probably mean ‘ethnics’ which would explain why Gina doesn’t want to fund them.”

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Journalists too across Australia have questioned the sports teams motives, stating that they’ve never heard of someone choosing professional integrity over taking money from a billionaire before. “Wait, are you saying you can choose not to take money from a person actively using their money to undermine democracy?” asked one News Corp journalist. “Haha nice one, you almost had me there for a second.”

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