“Trans people are a threat to children’s sport” claims man who decked child in non contact sport

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has taken a break from fear mongering that trans people pose a threat to children’s sport by crash tackling a small child during a game of soccer.

“This is simply an issue of keeping the children safe when on the sporting field,” said Morrison after being red carded in a game against kids. “I bet that as soon as the kid gets out of the medical tent he will be glad that I stopped his trans friend from playing with him.”

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Warringah candidate Katherine Deves responded to the tackle by saying, “I’m glad to see children’s sport safe from the threat of trans kids. Just a child safely being slammed to the ground by an adult of the same biological gender. Imagine if the kid was tackled by a trans boy his age!”

Asked why he tackled a child, Morrison brushed it off, explaining “You know I can be a bulldozer when it comes to these things.”

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