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Bigamist to appear in every episode of ‘Married at First Sight’
“Sean’s unique life experiences will really add to the show,” said executive producer Aaron Jones, “as well as cutting down on camera and travel costs.” "Some people may argue his inclusion is an insult to the sanctity of marriage - and indeed the common good of all humanity - but hey, so is this whole fucking show."
Cash Converters owner impressed at how many TVs one regular customer owns
"Who says the economy is slowing?"
Melbourne man visits Sydney just to point out its flaws
A 27 year old graphic designer from Melbourne has spent an entire weekend in Sydney pointing out its flaws
HR woman single-handedly lowering staff morale
Efforts to boost productivity and lower absenteeism only result in feigned enthusiasm and a sexual harassment law suit resulting from a 'trust fall' exercise gone wrong
Image: Jesse Campbell-Brown
The Latham fix: How John Howard really won an historic fourth term
It's a little known fact that Mark Latham actually won the 2004 election - helped by a little team known as 'The Chaser'
Christmas lunch shortened to five minutes to allow more time for family arguments
"We figured why not just get all the racism done in one hit"
Clueless Muslim gets tattoo of Muhammad
"God dammit Faisal"
Mike Pence booed because he somehow got tickets to Hamilton
While the next available ticket to see Hamilton on Broadway is in 2018, it seems being VP Elect has some benefits
Man still waiting for the day when he can show off his fluent Latin
A Melbourne-based man who identifies as bilingual has expressed hope that he will have the chance to show off his fluent
Alec Baldwin’s impression of Donald Trump is polling higher than Hillary Clinton
The series of Saturday Night Live sketches were so well received that Donald "Baldwin" Trump is now beating Hillary Clinton in a nationwide poll
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