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Owners of Big Banana disappointed it hasn’t been named as a terror target
"What's the Taj Mahal got that we don't?"
Turnbull nominates Abbott for UN Secretary-General
In the wake of his rejection of Kevin Rudd’s bid for the role of UN Secretary General, Prime Minister Malcolm
Singapore braces itself for onslaught of stern disapproval from Australians
The Singaporean government has resigned itself to receiving futile condemnation from trendy, Australian left-wingers for at least one news cycle, following
Schoolies celebrate end of studies by getting drugged and molested
Year 12 students have once again descended on the Gold Coast for Schoolies Week, the annual festival where school leavers
PM promises shoot-to-kill policy will only be used in emergencies, accidents
“The world changed on 9/11,” Howard said. “Before then I would have needed a good reason to pass these draconian laws.”
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