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Hanson caught replacing ‘Asian’ with ‘Muslim’ on old One Nation banners
When all else fails, go with what works.
Greyhound trainers turn to mistreating Pokémon as new form of livelihood
It has been revealed several prominent Greyhound trainers have been using the Pokémon Go app, to catch, train and then
Local eccentric ‘hasn’t been seen in weeks’
With the election campaign drawing to a close, the Liberal Party has confirmed it has had a troubled Warringah man under virtual house arrest since the campaign began
Woman swallows medicine ball: just gets sicker
A Melbourne woman has questioned the medicinal qualities of 5kg leather balls after demonstrating that, when ingested, they do not
Manager orders Bindi Irwin to deny exploitation claims
Bindi has made a series of carefully stage-managed media appearances to refute claims she is being manipulated
Earring ruins Doctor’s credibility
"I'd be worried about his ability to make sound judgements with a look so clearly inspired by 90s boybands."
McDonald’s worker tries to “gangsta up” his uniform
Sixteen year-old Dapto hoodlum Brett Waterton has slowly customised his standard McDonald’s uniform to reflect American hip-hop culture. Working within the
Nationals do most of the swearing at new Cabinet swearing-in
Senator McGauran: has since given the finger to his own side National Party MPs have protested the loss of another
Science students name Seinfeld as fashion icon of the century
For years it has been debated amongst physicists, chemists and rock mechanics. Just who is the style icon who has
2005 Hottest Year on Record according to ‘Who Weekly’
Who Weekly magazine has confirmed what many climate scientists had already suspected: that 2005 was officially the Hottest Year Ever,

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