2019 Lecture

2018 Lecture

2018 Lecture

2017 Lecture

2015 Lecture

Town hall

2015 sponsor Four Pillars Gin

Glasses waiting to be filled then immediately emptied


The single attendee

Terrible photo of the back wall

Security stops the guest speaker at the door to check his papers

Star of the Weekly, Kitty Flannagan, could not make it

The John Stewart of the Middle East meets the Tom Gleisner of the Inner West

We did not hire bar staff. We have no idea who these men are.

John Safran stopped by to note which of his material the Chaser has borrowed in their latest venture.

We took pictures of these mens faces before and after we told them they're wearing bow ties.

Nobody in this picture has ever had relations with a dog (that we know of).

The menu 2015

Any moment now Julian will realise he's not on stage