The best thing about the Chaser Lecture is that (unlike ‘the Chaser boys’) the lecturer has immense talent and real standing on the world stage.
Kate McClymont, Gold Walkley winning Journalist
The Sixteenth Inaugural Chaser Lecture was the finest Inaugural Chaser Lecture I’ve ever attended.
Kristina Keneally, former NSW Premier
If you’re sick and tired of being photographed with Australia’s rich and famous, why not come to the Chaser Lecture instead.
Craig Emerson, former Federal Trade Minister
If you only see one Chaser Lecture this year, make it The Sesquicentenary Chaser Lecture.
Myf Warhurst , ABC Radio
I had one of the most entertaining and informative night of my life, then I went to the Chaser Lecture.
Akmal, comedian
I’ve been going to The 16th Inaugural Chaser Lecture every year since I was born. It’s always very entertaining and thought provoking. That means a lot coming from me because I already have heaps of entertaining thoughts of my own.
Tom Gleeson, comedian