Is this a complete joke?

The annual Inaugural Chaser Lecture & Dinner has been described as “the nation’s Least Boring Charity Dinner” by this website.

It is at once “one of the those black tie charity dinners” and a full-scale parody of one of those dinners, see for example the Menu from the Sixteenth Inaugural Chaser Lecture, and this example of the Awkward Conversation Starter cards provided on each table last year.

It’s full of jokes, but not a total joke because:

  1.  All proceeds go to the global freedom of expression charity Article 19.
  2. It can be a great night for whatever your nefarious purposes are too.

How the next Inaugural Chaser Lecture can work for you*…

Show Off To Your Clients (Corporate Entertainment)

Impress your clients and work associates by offering them the opportunity to engage in awkward small talk with you at some event by those guys from that show that you never really liked that much.

Black Tie Brown Nosing (Corporate Entertainment)

Whether it’s hard-working staff whose lives you’ve made hell, or those all important rich suckers who’ve coughed up for you, use this year’s Inaugural Chaser Lecture as a way to say thank you to people you want to exploit more in the future.

Exploit Your Followers (Audience Engagement)

Tell the people in your networks about this year’s Inaugural Chaser Lecture and get them to pay good money for the chance to hang out with you, or someone from your organisation who’s more famous or impressive than you, by buying a ticket to the Dinner. Fill a table of 10 this way and you can come for free.

Pretend You Have Friends (Networking)

The Chaser Lecture’s a great opportunity to spend time with people who you genuinely like, but who you secretly know don’t like you as much.  Don’t risk personal humiliation by inviting them to pay their own way, buy a table yourself now – that way your friends will assume you’re successful and generous and think, “Sure s/he’s a bit dull, but a free meal’s and free meal.”

*moderate level of suspending disbelief required. BYO

Convinced? Great!